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Play Hard, Train Harder

It’s about VIBE - Fusing hardcore fitness with an underground club atmosphere creating pure energy, igniting passion and unlocking all potential.
We live to break limits.



"Division and Collision"

Dividing your fitness aura into powerful extremes – Anaerobic and Aerobic strengths – Studio Fitness created
Get Jacked and Cut Fat.

The clash of each extreme results in the ultimate fusion of strength and stamina —
Get Ripped.


Built to suit any lifestyle - Over 200 personalised workouts a month.

Personal Training

"Your hired whip"

Your commitment, our expertise (and handcuffs) combined with the Studio Fitness Vibe means goals get met. Think 50 Shades of Hard FXXXING Work.

Tier 3

Babes & Studs

It’s all about a rock solid foundation - build YOURS

Tier 2

Kings & Queens

Your path to results. Take your workout to the next level.

Tier 1

Gods & Godesses

Your own superhero, a life changer and an expert in the “art of the workout”

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